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   Kyokushin kaikan is a full contact karate, founded by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. Kyokushinkai is Japanese for "the society of the ultimate truth". Known as the strongest Karate Kyokushin is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard training. While open to a wide range of ages and skill sets Kyokushin has also helped create some of the greatest bare knuckle, kickboxing and mma fighters in the world. From its legendary founder Sosai Mas Oyama to more recent pro fighters like Georges St- Pierre, Bas Rutten, Glaube Feitosa, Francisco Filho, Peter Aerts, Sam Greco, Andy Hug & Semmy Schilt. Along with its fighting record Kyokushin is also a highly effective form of self defense sure to improve both fitness and self confidence.

   Kaicho Farzinzad, in 1993, based on leadership abilities, fighting prowess (10 time national bare knuckle champion) and dedication to the Kyokushin way, became the youngest person to ever achieve 5th degree black belt from Sosai Mas Oyama. In 2000, six years after Sosai's death, Kaicho founded the IKU (International Kyokushin Union). The IKU was founded to follow the truth, Masatatsu Oyama's legacy and discipline in protecting Kyokushin techniques,and the rules and regulations without deviating from Sosai's original principles and ideas. For more information on Kyokushin, Kaicho or the IKU check out our Honbu page

   Saratoga Kyokushin is headed by Shihan James Bruchac, who received his 5th degree black belt in Kyokushin from Kyokushin Master Kaicho Farzinzad. Along with being an acclaimed author, storyteller, tracker and wilderness expert, Shihan Bruchac has over 30 years of martial arts training and competition from his early years in Penjak Silat, to several decades of full contact Karate. He is also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Romera "Jacare" Cavalcanti. Having been a teacher for close to 20 years Shihan's students have ranged from kids and business professionals to those wishing to improve their sport related fighting skills. In March of 2011 Shihan was given the great honor of being appointed Northeast IKU Chairman putting him in charge of overseeing all present and future IKU dojos in the Northeastern United States. With this appointment Saratoga Kyokushin also serves as the Northeast IKU Honbu (regional headquarters) for the organization. Along with Shihan Bruchac other high ranking instructors at the Saratoga Northeast Honbu include Sensei Nino Minassale (4th dan), Sensei Lenore Norris (4th dan / NY Chairman IKU) and Sensei Robert Cornute (4th dan, and fight team coach). Assistant instructors include Senpai Robert Rigano (2nd Dan) Senpai Paul Vescio (2nd Dan) and Julie Mullen (2nd Dan).

Whether to compete, become a strong karateka, or improve your overall fitness those wishing to join must be ready for some serious training in one of the strongest martial arts on the planet, Kyokushin "THE ULTIMATE TRUTH" OSU!


Kyokushin Standard Class (12-adult)
Living up to its reputation as the “Strongest Karate” those training in Kyokushin must be ready for some serious physical education. Based on courtesy, humility and respect framed by serious and intense Kyokushin techniques classes have a strong emphasis on Kumite (live sparring). Within each class students will not only practice highly effective moves but easily loose weight, improve flexibility, increase endurance, strength and self confidence. While each participants in Kyokushin is pushed to their own personal limits special consideration will be given to youth, women as well as seniors based on their individual needs. With Practical training in mind only basic to intermediate kata are performed in general classes. Separate upper rank and kata classes offered to focus more on each ranks individual requirements.

Kyokushin Kata & Self Defense Class ( Adult & Teen)
During Kata class students will focus in on learning the various Kata's (forms/patterns) required for each rank and their self defense applications. Also included in these classes will be basic-advanced Kihon (line drills) which will further aid in the learning of the individual techniques required within each Kata. Exact number and level of each kata will be dependent on the participants attending each individual class. Rank specific classes to be offered upon demand.

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Group photo taken after a recent visit from Kaicho Farzinzad to Saratoga Kyokushin.

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