From early victories over Muay Thai in the early 60's, spurring the creation of the powerful Dutch style, to its influence on modern Kickboxing and MMA, Kyokushin has continued to play a key roll in contemporary fight sports. Drawing heavily from these battle tested techniques our Kickboxing program is not only unique but highly effective. Saratoga Kyokushin's Kickboxing program is headed by highly ranked Kyokushin instructors and veteran black belt competitors Shihan James Bruchac and Sensei Robert Cornute along with veteran Mauy Thai fighter Jeremy Rayburn. Shihan and Sensei, having been teaching together for well over a decade, have trained some of the Capital regions best strikers. Even before Saratoga Kyokushin opened its doors, Shihan Bruchac and Sensei Cornute had been quietly rounding out the striking skills of area MMA fighters and kickboxers. New addition Jeremy Rayburn has trained in both the traditional Thai style as well as Dutch Muay Thai (Thai combined with Kyokushin and Western boxing). A veteran competitor and coach Jeremy helped his instructor and friend professional Dutch style fighter/ K-1 Max Veteran Dustin Johnson, found Acadiana Muay Thai in Baton Rouge. Having recently moved to our area Jeremy is now a key part of our K-21 kickboxing program. Along with hard training, with Kyokushin at its core, classes place a strong emphasis on discipline, courtesy and respect. From complete begginers to aspiring pros, for those willing to put in the time and work, these programs are guaranteed to take you to the next level.


K-21 KICKBOXING / MUAY THAI Within these high energy classes students will focus on the effective use of punches, blocks, kicks, knees and elbows. While drawing strongly from Kyokushin these classes implement techniques from both Dutch and traditonal Muay Thai as well as Western boxing. Through the use of bags, focus pads and line and partner drills students will focus on a variety of battle tested techniques. Great for anyone looking to increase their skills as a competitive fighter, get in great shape, gain confidence and real world self defense. Shorts (gi pants optional) t-shirts, hand wraps, boxing or Thai gloves ( limited number provided by dojo ). Participants must be at least 13 years of age to participate in this class. Once proper skills are acquired participants can also take part in both full contact partner drills and live sparring. When sparring Boxing or Thai gloves (14 oz or higher), shin guards, cup, and mouth piece required. For those who have never sparred before limited to no face contact will be allowed for the first few months of sparring. For those training for MMA special sessions will also focus on fighting off the wall as well as avoiding and setting up takedowns through the use of striking.

BOXING FUNDAMENTALS Led local boxers and kickboxing alumni Josh Dulmer or Greg Mohr these complimentary training sessions focus on such fundamental skills as proper stance, movement and punching technique. In order to hone their skills participants will take part in everything from shadow boxing and jump rope to heavy bag routines. Along with a healthy dose of conditioning skills will be taught in way to more easily cross over into everything from kickboxing to modern MMA. Special training and sparring classes, including with area pros at Saratoga Boxing, are available for students with proper skills and desire.

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